Rare Disease diagnosis. Faster

Mendelian offers easy and fast genetic testing to help you shorten the journey of diagnosing a rare disease.

How it works

You enter patient's clinical details on our online form


We set up a call with our genetic counsellors to review your info


We arrange sample collection (saliva or blood) in the comfort of your home


Get your results delivered by our clinical geneticists


Speed is key when it comes to Diagnosis, our pipeline allows us to provide accurate results in weeks, not years


Rare disease knowledge constantly evolves. We make sure we’re always up to date with the latest research and publications


Patient confidentiality is of the upmost importance to us. We value your privacy and ensure your records are kept secure at every step


You are not alone on this journey, our expert clinical team will guide you through until diagnosis

Who is Mendelian for?

I am looking for a diagnosis

1 in 10 individuals live with an undiagnosed rare genetic disease

I'm looking a second opinion

A rare disease patient will see on average 8 doctors and recieve 3-5 misdiagnosis

Expert advice every step of the way

Mendelian genetic tests are reviewed by certified medical professionals to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible

Talk to a genetic counsellor

Every Mendelian genetic test includes access to a complimentary board-certified genetic counsellor who can answer your questions and prepare you upfront.

Results you can act on

Early awareness can make a difference. Diagnosis can hopefully be the first step to a healthy future

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